(The Net in Native Nahuatl Tongue)


Chichimecan was founded for the sole purpose of becoming a Tribal Casino Network providing live combat sports & entertainment events, and making them available through worldwide streaming. While over 500 Tribal Casinos operate in the U.S., only a small percentage are large enough to host and provide entertainment as a method of attracting patrons. The Chichimecan Tribal Casino Network will fill that gap, and is free to all members who show streaming of live events

Moreover, live Combat [MMA & Boxing] and Entertainment events can be hosted by any casino with adequate facilities. Hosting an event brings a large casino crowd who always participate in gaming, and refreshment purchases. Hosting multiple shows develops a loyal following of sports fans who automatically become Casino patrons. Boxing has historically been a profitable Casino headline event.

The Chichimecan ‘Matlatl’ [Net] is in service and we invite you to view our July 17, 2021 boxing show. Follow the link below to watch.

Events will be free of charge to all Tribal Casino Network members. Membership into the network is also free of charge, however one must register to become a Tribal Casino Network member. Members will receive an access code allowing them to telecast exciting events to their casino patrons who enjoy food and gaming while watching.

Events are not free to the general public. Access is only allowed with an associated fee.

Chichimecan Sports and Entertainment was founded by Aurelio Martinez whose native roots are Chichimeca. His family comes from a small village in Guanajuato, Mexico and migrated to Denver, Colorado in 1954 where they still reside in the same neighborhood.

For inquiries: or call Aurelio Martinez direct, on his cell phone at (720) 297-7654


Chichimecan July 17, 2021 Show

Chichimecan Network Membership