worst cities in america


). Links will not be permitted. Child Trafficking Capital of the World with NJ DCF and DCPP violently abducting 8,000 children every year for $1.7 Billion and handing to the worst low quality families on record, usually from down under and try to take the kids there, bunched into 6 in a small lice and rotten food ridden nightmare to be beaten and starved until sold in another country or 18 and thrown out on the street to join the worst human and sex trafficking industry in the world. The city scored extremely low in education ranking, putting its overall quality of city services score at a 37.61. YES, it horrible here!It never gets too cold, it never gets too hot, it almost never rains.Dozens of beautiful beaches on the west side, nicely wooded mountains on the east side, awe-inspiring desert on the south side.Whatever you do, DO NOT move here! Crime, gangs, drugs, guns. Horrible weather, corrupt politicians, extremely high amount of crime, and an absurd amount of taxes are only a few reasons to leave. Never go there. The New Jersey State police corruption in Bergen County used firing all police in Camden just prior to threaten people in Bergen County saying their family would be attacked and killed in Cherry Hill in Camden County to make them to afraid to say anything about police corruption and a literal violent New Jersey Police State. How bad can it be? Parens Patriae is from the Dark Ages and sells and traffics children while stealing from the social security fund through SSACT Title IV resulting in 'legal kidnapping' and crimes against humanity against the children and families of New Jersey. Many other great cities to visit and move to, and this one is pretty close to the bottom of the barrel. I heard LOTS of shows take place in NYC. Memphis, Tennessee. Baltimore is a beautiful city of course it has dangerous parts but every city has dangerous areas. Using these results, Stacker decided to expand upon the concept with its own analysis. What is the Difference Between Term and Serial Bonds? There is absolutely no reason to ever live to Chicago. You also see a lot of men with zits walking around wearing jackets. I'm sure none of you have any experience of living here. The Distance Between Birmingham & Atlanta was 146 Miles. The city itself only has about 50,000 residents, with more than 30 percent living in poverty. Not to mention it's full of trash, there are homeless people everywhere (regardless whether they are good or bad people), the rents are ridiculous, and everything is unaffordable. It also has a violent crime rate that is roughly six times more than the national average. Organized crime central in New Jersey including the 5 families. I have never been robbed although there are hundreds and thousands of abandoned houses some blocks have one occupied house plenty of blocks have none. Cleveland, Ohio. Camden is too poor for them to live and they use them anyway, apparently target practice and maybe arms and drug sales and the best medical practice for all those young doctors to learn - on gunshot wounds - little Hitlers, just ask. The thing that disappoints me is when people always say that it is so cold. In fact, 2016 saw the violent crime rate in the city beat the national average by over 350 percent. The 9/11 pilots leisurely drove into NYC after spending a nice summer in North Jersey. To be fair, there are some cities in America that are ideal. This list really hates New Jersey. The city received one of the lowest rankings for infrastructure and pollution, putting Stockton as the sixth worst-run cities in America with an overall quality of city services score of 36.51. The only saving grace is it's cheap (comparatively) because no one wants to live in the mistake on the lake. What this is so awesome. Most of the suburbs are nice, mainly Macomb and Oakland county (I have two houses, one in Rochester and one in Saint Clair Shores ) But anyways, Detroit sucks. The earning potential here is far lower than in the rest of the state. Look, New York City. True that it can be chilly, at times, but that's what jackets were invented for.What kind of an idiot said there is not much to do here?Spectacular hiking, sightseeing, photography, fishing, hunting, kayaking, boating, sailing, bicycling, camping, backpacking, rock climbing, wildlife viewing, gold panning, anthropology, ice climbing, cross-country skiing, botany, dirt-bike riding, astronomy, geology, and just plain exploring the most amazing natural landscape on the planet.If all you want to do is sit on your butt playing video games, what difference does it make where you are? . At least we're not as rude or terrible as Boston or New York City! Definitely not a safe place to live. Worst corrupt influence on incompetent politicians causing the terror in the world today from Bergen County's evil and hateful people, you know who they are, read the lead CIA agent who spent 10 years following bin-Laden explain who is the cause - now and has been from the worst parts of ...more. Detroit, Michigan. Yet, don't go too far in. The city scored a 29.81 in terms of overall quality of city services. I live in Baltimore. Stop it with the 'democrat ruined city' thing! Liberal administrations have destroyed the American cities from the awful education systems to deteriorating infrastructure. There are no indications that you are near military property, like this has to be the only city in the world where military bases are not secured and have barriers. New Jersey ...more. By the way, no hate intended. The data used for this research are the number of violent crimes […] I hate this city I live here. Keep in mind that this is a region of the country with an extremely high cost of living to begin with. Like even if they have Compton pride they're still up front about how rough this place is to live. No job opportunity (unless you like working at disney world) No time because of work (or lack thereof) for the beach.

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