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Had one foot amputated, and have lost the use of one elbow, Had one knee amputated, and have lost the use of one hand. This is important when there is an event that may decrease your compensation, such as a child no longer being eligible for benefits, a divorce, or a death. However, the VA compensation is tax-free, resulting in a larger overall net payment. Talk with your local chapters of the VFW, DAV, and American Legion. Hello Lori, Thank you for your comment. Your monthly basic rate is where your dependent status and SMC letter meet. To continue receiving benefits for your dependent after they reach age 18, the VA requires the veteran to submit supporting documentation proving the child is attending a qualified school. Have lost sight in both eyes (blindness), Need daily help with basic needs (like eating, dressing, and bathing). You need a letter written up by either a VA Mental Health Psychiatrist or a civilian Psychiatrist and within that letter he/she needs to have in it (magical words) Chronic Severe PTSD and Totally Unemployable!!!!!!! We’re trying to share what we’ve learned and to pay it forward – but you have to make your own decisions. The VA originally and mistakenly approved his claim at the single rate. 2020 VA Disability Compensation Rates. You might also be able to get help from your state’s veterans benefits agency– state benefits as well as the VA’s federal benefits. Or you have total blindness with only the ability to perceive light: You may receive an SMC-N designation if any of the below situations are true for you. Contacting us first helps us keep you safe. Let us know if something’s not working for you, and we’ll try to figure out a better way… Continue Reading…. Hector, I’d start by visiting a Veteran Service Officer for a review of what’s been done and what needs to be done. Also learn how to remove a dependent from your benefits. Or you have blindness in one eye, and you have: Or you have blindness in both eyes, and you have: You may receive an SMC-M 1/2 designation if any of the below situations are true for you. Where the veteran has a spouse who is determined to require A/A, add the figure shown as “additional for A/A spouse” to the amount shown for the proper dependency code. Who do I contact to have my status changed, and to get back pay initiated? We're military veterans, not financial advisors. Physically lost the other eye, and have deafness in both ears (rated as 30% or more disabling), Total blindness without the ability to perceive light in the other eye, and have deafness in both ears (rated as 30% or more disabling), Lost the use of one foot (rated as 50% disabling). I have just been awarded 40%. VA rates disability from 0% to 100% in 10% increments (e.g. If you’re receiving a military pension then you’re required to waive that amount of your (taxable) pension for the (tax-free) VA disability compensation. You will not get back pay to the time that you got out unless you just got out and its within your 1 year of getting your Notification letter. If my husband was in the military and married with one child when he was discharged and originally awarded his disability but has since divorced her and their child is now over 18 but we have married and had a child of our own, can he still claim the married with one child? VA Service Connected Disability Compensation is a tax-free benefit which is paid directly to the veteran on a monthly basis. On October 10, 2019, the BLS reported September 2019 inflation data, allowing for the formal announcement of the Social Security Administration's 2020 COLA, which is set to increase by 1.6%. Then your VSO would be able to help you research the compensation that you were due for those months and adjust the total amount of your retroactive benefits. If you haven’t already, I’d check both of your most recent VA disability ratings letters to ensure that the factors are the same. Find the dependent status in the left column that best describes you. If you have or intending to get a rating for PTSD here is the magical thing you need to do!!! The 2020 VA Disability Pay Rates are out! How can I improve my disability rating? Rates for each school child are shown separately. Find out how to change your information online. Had one knee amputated, and have had one arm amputated so close to the shoulder that you can’t wear a prosthesis. The basic definition is on the VA’s website: “Parents, who are in your direct care and whose income and net worth are below the limit set by law.”. If you’re working in veteran healthcare then there’s a loan repayment program for that education:, I think the VA also offers its employees a Student Loan Repayment Program. Good question, Linda, with complicated answers. Wait no more. Go to the SMC rate that applies to you. At the VAMC you will talk to a service organization there. They are elderly and I’m trying to put this to rest to stop the bickering. By signing up, you agree to our Privacy Notice. How much was your last compensation deposit? Had one elbow amputated, and have had one arm amputated so close to the shoulder that you can’t wear a prosthesis. can you claim foster children as dependents? For questions about COVID-19 and how it affects VA health care and benefit services, visit our Coronavirus FAQs page or read VA's public health response. Had one foot amputated, and have lost the use of the other knee. Contribution Limits of the Thrift Savings Plan + 401(k) + IRA = ?!? Hi Randy here is what you need to do and get- If you have or intending to get a rating for PTSD here is the magical thing you need to do!!! Sincerely, Matt, Matt, the VA only says that the additional disability compensation is “to help support your family”. The .gov means it’s official. I will say since your mother passed away your dad’s disability pay will decrease by $150 or so and also since he has been declared legally blind he should qualify for AID AND ATTENDANCE but you got to take him along with the medical write up showing he is legally blind to a VA rep nearest you and then they fill out the application and submit it to the VA along with your dad’s doctor’s write up and that is like $2300 additional to what he is getting for being 100% disabled through the VA, dont wait for take him to see a local VA rep asap and get it done.. LINDA SWARNY August 6, 2019 at 5:11 PM I have a student loan from prior to my military service. I retired in dec 93 with 30% disability from the Marines and 20% from the VA, In April 2019 I submitted a request for reevaluation of disability from the VA it just came back with a rating of 80%. Unfortunately, we will not be able to answer any specific questions regarding an individual VA disability claim or compensation. VA special monthly compensation (SMC) is a higher rate of compensation that we pay to Veterans as well as their spouses, surviving spouses, and parents with certain needs or disabilities. Military retirees with a disability rating of 50% or greater may be eligible to receive both their full disability income and the full military retirement pay with no offset. Plus I have a 9 yr old that I never added to my deers… I grew frustrated with the process and just let them take the 30k over 3yrs. This is important any time there is a change such as a marriage, divorce, birth, legal adoption, death, minor entering into the majority, a parent becoming a dependent, or other qualifying changes to dependency status.

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