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We start by using our right thumb to close our right nostril. . . Raja Yoga is a type of meditation. Judge in November 1894). . In the brief enumeration in “The Voice of the Silence” of eight stages of Raja Yoga (p. 18-20, original 1889 edition) the third stage – that which would correspond to Asanas – is entirely omitted and replaced with a row of dots . Inside our spine in our subtle physical body, we have three currents. “The control of all life-forces and modifications by realising nothing but Brahman in all things, this is Pranayama. One other centre, which we call Sahasrara, the thousand-petaled lotus, is located in the cerebrum and is not counted with the other six. when the mind has become thoroughly identified with the boundlessness of space, the posture becomes steady and pleasant. When we breathe in prana, we conquer disease, and when we breathe out apana, we put in perfect condition the physical organs that are not functioning well; that is to say, we put the entire body in perfect order. Thank you, I am learning from your site why I stopped myself from being involved with spiritual groups, dispite my curiosity over my life long experiences, I thought I was just lazy, but when ‘things’ began to amp up spontaneously, and I was taken on a ride, a ride I didn’t understand , yet I seemed to be familiar with on a level, now I am questioning everything that ride showed me, the ride took its toll on me, I want to know why it happened , what was the purpose? Here is a simple exercise which you can do at any time. This is not a theoretical idea of mine. Regarding the Socrates quote of “I know nothing!” which you often refer to, Socrates may well have said this but if he did that doesn’t necessarily mean that we should also. If you have a violent headache or some other ailment, this alternate breathing will help in many ways to improve your condition. Prana, manifesting itself as mental power, can only be controlled by mental means. It is not only possible: it is inevitable. The yamas and niyamas are ten commitments of attitude and behavior. 12 Things Theosophy Teaches, The Sevenfold Nature of Man, Antahkarana – The Path, Atman – The Higher Self, The Psychic is not the Spiritual, The Two Paths, Living Consciously, Maji – The Yogini of Benares, Damodar and The Hall of Initiation, The Life & Times of Adi Shankaracharya, Who are you, Madame Blavatsky?, Who was William Quan Judge?, The Welcome Influence of William Q. However, breathing is only one of the many exercises through which we get to the real pranayama, or control of the prana. This is called the “restraining root” (Mulabandha) which should always be adopted, since this is what is fit for Raja Yogis. Asana . It is undoubtedly true that many of us do not breathe in as deep or as healthy a way as we ought to and thus gentle and careful exercises of breathing in, momentarily holding the breath, and then breathing out, are not inadvisable but can be very beneficial, as well as conducive to inner calm. Fe… The original Ashtanga Yoga system (literally “Eight-Limbed Yoga” for it consists of eight successive stages) of the ancient Hindu sage Patanjali is known as Raja Yoga. That is the noblest vision and not that which is directed to the tip of the nose. Devotional chanting, which addresses the heart, is part of Raja Yoga. . Judge published his edition of Patanjali in 1889, its “Dedication” stating “THIS BOOK IS LAID UPON THE ALTAR OF MASTERS’ CAUSE, AND IS DEDICATED TO THEIR SERVANT H. P. BLAVATSKY.”. For how can manipulation of the physical body plausibly bring about enlightenment or spiritual states of consciousness?!? Now let us know how Raja Yoga can be practiced step by step. Another article from the magazine “The Theosophical Movement” (“The Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjali – Practices Conducive to Concentration” May 1962) adds regarding this last aphorism and the comment upon it: “This seems obviously unsafe for anyone who is not under the direct care and guidance of a living spiritual Teacher. We have six spiritual centres in the spine, connected by these three currents. Raja Yoga says that one should not sleep more or less, one should not eat more or less, and one should not work more or less. The rhythm of your breathing is most important. When we breathe in cosmic energy to purify and energise our life, we call it prana. . If we can open these centres we can become the possessors of infinite Peace, Light and Power. The fiv… Right now I am here, but if I think of my mother, father or friends who are far away, and if I am successful in this breathing technique, I can enter into anyone’s consciousness and obtain full information about what he is thinking. When you hold the breath, you must feel that you are holding the all-fulfilling Breath of the Supreme. But for those of us who are not yet ready for such lofty heights, it is still practical and accessible, for its everyday message and system is simple even if not necessarily easy: This may not sound especially exciting or thrilling but it is rewarding. I needed a more firmer hand, just not as firm as The old testament’s God! But as Socrates said ‘ I know nothing ‘ ! The breathing should be done softly and silently. Imagine that you are slowly drawing that nerve current with the breath through the other side, the Pingala, then slowly throw it out through the right nostril. In the thirteenth sutra of Vivekachudamani he wrote: “Realisation of Truth results from reasoning and reflecting upon the teachings of the Wise Ones, not by bathing in the sacred waters, not by making donations, nor by hundreds of Pranayamas.”. . While we are breathing this way, our thoughts should be very, very pure. Can I trust myself anymore ? If you breathe in for one second or for one repetition of the name of the Supreme, then you should hold the breath for four seconds or four repetitions. Meditation, which addresses the mind and communion with higher consciousness, is a part of Raja Yoga. We have three major Yogas according to our Hindu spiritual philosophy: Jnana Yoga, Karma Yoga and Bhakti Yoga; the path of knowledge, the path of action and the path of devotion. We do, after all, habitually read the Bhagavad Gita symbolically and esoterically, so it should be no surprise that Patanjali can be read in like manner. . Without this, mere straightening and stretching of the body like a dried-up tree is no equipoise at all. (The Body: Humanity’s Fortress by Sri Chinmoy), © 2020 Yoga of Sri Chinmoy - WordPress Theme by Kadence WP. “The negation of the phenomenal world is known as breathing out (Rechaka), the thought “I am verily Brahman” is called breathing in (Puraka), and the steadiness of that thought thereafter is called restraining the breath (Kumbhaka). . From the standpoint of Theosophy – which is a definite Body of Knowledge, a specific System of Teaching, the Esoteric Philosophy presented to the world through the agency of H. P. Blavatsky and her colleague William Q. One set of such disciplines (niyamas) is meant to improve the human personality and the other (yamas) is meant to guide our relationships and interactions with other beings in the world. Such belief does not mean that we are to believe that we are already perfect or infallible or incapable of making mistakes – life shows this is not the case at all – but it means a belief and confidence in our infinite capacity and ability to learn, to grow, to understand, to progress, and to eventually reach a truly enlightened state of consciousness. If the plotters succeed, the Black Lodge will win by turning our thoughts to the modern East with its Yogis and Fakirs, its hide-bound castes, its subtle and magnificently intellectual theology, its Hatha Yoga and all the dangers attending that. Or you can repeat the name of God as you breathe in, while you retain the breath, and again as you breathe out. Then, when you breathe out, it should be for two seconds or the time it takes you to repeat the name of the Supreme twice. There is a Jesus theme going on too, even with me, both he and Mary made their presence known to me, many of the channelers I know chanel both these beings, so I am cautious around that theme, it is good to know the original Theosophical teachings are on to that deception ! the presence of an astral cipher in many of the original Theosophical writings, those of HPB in particular but also Mr Judge – for the ULT’s insistence on those original texts not being altered, edited, abridged, “revised,” and so forth. William Q. - Para ayudar a los necesitados. Next inhale slowly through that nostril, keeping the other closed by the forefinger, then close both, as before.”. Raja means ‘king’. Judge and The Masters of Wisdom. In normal breathing both of our nostrils are usually functioning. When you breathe in, you have to feel that you are breathing in the Breath of God, the Supreme, the divine Beloved. If you are afraid of doing something which is good, if you are afraid of speaking to someone, do two or three minutes of Pranayama and you will be able to do it. 46 [i.e. That is why Pranayama has to be taught by one who has practised under a great spiritual figure. Aph. . This “inner sphere of breathing” – called Kevala Kumbhaka in Sanskrit – is therefore said to be the mental direction of the breath within the body, in order to effect and influence various chakras. Commenting on what is really meant by Asanas and Pranayama, he explains in Sutras 114-119: “Restraint of the mind is based on THAT – Brahman – which is the Root of all existence. After some time, we can gradually increase the number. Devotional chanting, which addresses the heart, is part of Raja Yoga. 51 alludes to another regulation of the breath, which is its governance by the mind so as to control its direction to and consequent influence upon certain centres of nerve perception within the human body for the production of physiological, followed by psychical effects.”. The first five rungs or steps—yama, niyama, asana, pranayama, and pratyahara—comprise the external path of hatha yoga, which is preparation for the last three internal stages of raja yoga. And if we “reason and reflect” surely this makes sense to all? We all breathe, but most of us do not know how to breathe properly. This, in the view of Vivekananda and many other Hindus, constitutes one Pranayama. BY SUSHANT PANDEY Concept of Asana Asana (posture) and Pranayama are the 3rd and 4th limbs in the text of Patanjali Yoga Sutra.

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