put past tense


Past Perfect Continuous Tense.

The past tense of put is also put .

I had put. Verb. When you put a thing someplace, you move a thing to a place . Past perfect. He/She/It had been putting. Components of the English language English Grammar. I had put; you had put; he/she/it had put; we had put; you had put; they had put I always put my books on the table when I get home from school. I had been putting. The past participle of put is put or putten (Yorkshire, Lancashire dialect) .
You/We/They had been putting. He/She/It had put. Simple Future Tense. The present participle of put is putting . The past tense and past participle of put .

Find more words! Past Tense: Put: Past Participle: Put: Present Participle: Putting: English Related Links. Past Perfect Tense. You/We/They had put. English … Various Skills of the English language.
The third-person singular simple present indicative form of put is puts . English Listening English Speaking English Reading English Writing.

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