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Tommy showed the largest rise within the top 100 for boys. |. The statistics on this page are supplied by the Office for National Statistics.These tables were coded and formatted by me. There was less regional variation of top girls’ names than boys’ names. The registration of births is a service carried out by the Local Registration Service in partnership with the General Register Office (GRO), in England and Wales. In Ceredigion, 45% of the boys' names and 40% of the girl's names are Welsh names. Hallie showed the largest rise for names already in the top 100 for girls, followed by Bonnie, Arabella, Ada and Delilah. Comments (0). In contrast, 8 out the top 10 boys’ names selected by mothers aged 35 years and over had featured in the top 100 before the late 1990s, and only one name was a shortened version of a traditional name.". The names that have left the top 100 since 2018 were: Frankie, Jake, Jayden, Josh, Kayden, Lyle, Tyler, Amelie, Kayla, Lena, Nina, Piper, Quinn and Rebecca. The clerks also employed many diminutives, and it has been thought safer to list these variations independently. url = url.replace( /#/, "" ); Posted at 10:11 AM in Data Analysis and Statistics, Popularity Ranking, Top names in England, Top names in Wales | Permalink She curates the marvellous Name News site and is a regular writer for Nameberry. See also The Top 1000 names in England and Wales, 2018. Posted at 10:59 AM in Data Analysis and Statistics, Popularity Ranking | Permalink Perhaps the spellings represented scribal preferences, since Christine was particularly frequent in the south coast counties of Kent and Dorset but missing from some counties in the Midlands and North, were Christian was more usual. Baby names, statistics - top baby names, baby naming ideas, searchable database of name meanings and origins . Poppy, ranked #11 overall, moved up to #5 in November, coinciding with Remembrance Day and the wearing of poppies. "Shortened names for boys such as Archie, Alfie and Freddie were all in the top 10 for mothers aged under 25 years but were less popular among mothers aged over 35 years. We would like to use cookies to collect information about how you use 57.9% of residents identified as Christian. There’s more than you might think to the ONS baby names list Blog | Released 28 August 2018 Here, Nick Stripe argues in defence of baby names lists. Of the top 10 boys’ names chosen by mothers aged under 25 years, seven had not featured in the top 100 boys’ names prior to the late 1990s. The England and Wales data (provided by the Office of National Statistics), on the other hand, does not release names given to fewer than three babies, due to data protection constraints. The #1 names in 2018 were Olivia and Oliver once again! There are a few swaps in position in the top 50, and most of the names between 50-100 — where one or two children can make a difference in ranking — changed position.

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