mad science experiments for adults


Find us at, Hi there, Bravo!!! I’m helping my sister throw her son’s 8th birthday party (her first time hosting)…she’s soo stressed out. As for you, mad scientist, practice your maniacal laugh as you plot to take over the world! Subscribe to my weekly newsletter to download these printables RIGHT NOW. Stretch the glove back over the jar, with the fingers pointing down. I love the printables for the science party! Thank you, Betsy! Spooky bubbling concoction made with baking soda, lemon juice, green food coloring, and dry ice. I used a mini-Reeses wrapper. Have your party guests make colored celery sticks by soaking cut celery in food-colored water. Experiment: Pour some milk onto a plate. I am on the board of PTA at my children’s school and we are planning a Mad Scientist Membership Drive. If done correctly, a rainbow should appear on the paper. Next, press the detergent-covered swab to the centre of the plate. Take a cotton swab; dip one end of it into liquid detergent. My soon to be 8 year old will love this. I really loved the insects in test tubes. The whole idea is that you can … Swirl the balloon around to make the hex nut roll around inside. After a few seconds, the coin should start jumping on the bottle's rim, accompanied by curious clicking noises. Thanks. Just don't drink the dry ice! So, the appearance and feel are much more important than the ground actually being muddy. I’m so in love with this theme . [Cool Customers] Dirt Bike Party in Brazil! The water at the bottom of the jar will put out the match, and smoke will form inside the jar. Let's get started! I would be so excited because that is awesome! She also led the kids in a bouncy ball making activity and explained the science behind cotton candy making… while making it. This is an awesome idea! Get a box of food coloring, mix various shades with water, and pour it into beakers or test tubes. I’m hosting a birthday party at home for the first time and I’ve decided to do little science experiments with my son’s 6 year-old friends. Once your hand is in the glove, move it upward so that you pull the fingers of the glove up. How it works: The air is full of warm water vapor molecules inside the jar. Bake a cake in a well-greased 2-qt glass or metal mixing bowl. Think Nerds, Atomic Warheads. Hi Erin – Thanks for the kind words! Frost the cake with chocolate frosting or swirl red and yellow food coloring into vanilla frosting. Wear these as lab coats. Determine if kids will need help with the project and line up adult helpers as needed.

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