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A £4.00 redemption fee is charged for each reward night redeemed unless you redeem on our app. Something that we cannot fail to point out is that staying in Krabi or Phuket you will always have the possibility to visit the Phi Phi Islands and the world famous Maya Bay. }); You can look for the best deals in the city of Ao Nang by clicking.

}); Meals in local eateries can cost as low as US$1–2, a beer can cost you anywhere between US$2–5 depending on the bar you’re at, and island hopping and adventure sports are definitely much cheaper compared to those offered in neighbouring countries. During this period the island gets a lot of dry northeasterly winds, giving dry blue skies, nice sea breezes and starry nights. What will the weather be like when i'm in Krabi? I agree that Krabi would be better for a Honeymoon. Laem Sak seafood, Thara Kitchen and Ban Lay Thai Kitchen are some of the best restaurant options to try. Yet, despite their contrasting qualities, both are in their own frontiers a holiday destination not to be trifled with. Krabi’s natural attractions and jungle-covered interior make for the most adventurous vacation. Would (ta && ta.queueForLoad ? directionNav:true, The mellow scene here ticks all the boxes if you’re looking for lazy days of sunbathing rather than night after night of bar-hopping and hard partying.

FIVE DAYS IN NEW YORK: ITINERARY FOR A FAMILY TRIP, Lisbon best view - Amoreiras 360º Panoramic View. I just feel that if we were going to fly into Phuket, we might as well stay there for a few days before moving onto Krabi. This round comes close to looking like another tie, but Phuket holds out strong. From the conventional time-honoured snorkelling to the more venturesome bungee jumping; what you run of time to do at one place, you’ll get to do at the other. $(this).remove(); Can't decide between Phuket and Krabi for that idyllic "sun, sand and sea" kind of vacation? Shopping In Phuket: Where Should You Shop From in Phuket? Approximate time to reach both the destinations is 1.5 hours.Average stay: Phuket is relatively expensive as an average hotel stay for 2 people in a 3 or 4-star hotel costs around 10000 THB. Choose one, or even both if time and budget allows; the secret doesn’t so much lie in what you do than in setting your expectations right before you hit the ground running. prevText:"<", Coronavirus status in Ao Nang/Krabi (end of June 2020)? Taxi and tuk-tuk prices are exorbitant, to say the least, and a 10-minute ride can sometimes cost you as much as US$11. We got fantastic prices for the hotel, great quality and, throughout our stay, we always get good meals at good prices, given that we are in a tourist spot. The rule of direct proportion will, however, dictate that the more luxurious you need your vacation to be, naturally, the more expensive it will get.

A huge fraction of them are unheard of to most, from the rustic Bamboo Island to the transcendent Ko Tup which allows you to traipse its sandbar into the neighbouring Chicken Island. While both islands continue to share accessibility to the popular Ko Lanta, Ko Phi Phi, and James Bond Island, Phuket exclusively unlocks famous hotspots like the Similan Islands, Coral Island, and the Rok Islands; which, by itself, reads pretty impressively – except that once again it struggles to bring to the table something that comes to Krabi almost effortlessly: serenity. var slider = !window.jQuery ? Krabi may be a relative newcomer to the travel scene but has rapidly grown in popularity. Apurva Breaks All Cliches With Her Account Of A Family Trip To Thailand.

It has a much more “Thai” feel to it than Phuket does, attracting the backpacker crowd with its budget accommodation, laidback nightlife, and easy-going atmosphere. If you do not go for the Tree Top Adventures at Ao Luek, you have not completed the ‘adventures to do in this life’ checklist. directionNav:true, ta.queueForLoad : function(f, g){document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', f);})(function(){ta.trackEventOnPage('postLinkInline', 'impression', 'postLinks-14186440', '');}, 'log_autolink_impression');Khao Lak as an option rather than Phuket? Check out the list of best places to visit in Krabi!

When we are comparing Krabi vs Phuket, both have unique propositions. }); You will find no cab services in Krabi so have to get around via buses and motorcycle taxis. Its comparatively undeveloped environment favours those who want to get away from any concerns, in a world not over-complicated by the trappings of modern society. }); AirAsia fly from BKK direct to Krabi several times a day for about $100 round trip. var timer_metaslider_50011 = function() { Phuket takes a lead when it comes to fine-dining establishments. Bekannt und auf jeden Fall sehenswert ist der Maharaja Market ein riesiger Lebensmittel Markt mit frischem Obst, Gemüse, Kräutern und Gewürzen, er … Must Read: 12 Breathtaking Places To Visit In Krabi For A Relaxing Thai Vacation. }, Take a look! nextText:">", When deciding upon Phuket or Krabi for family holiday, adventures play a part too. We stayed at Centara, great hotel and the jacuzzi spa rooms are beautiful, very romantic, sitting in a jacuzzi watching the sunset, whilst sipping champagne!

Between the two, Phuket trumps in variety, diversity, style, and quality; while Krabi, in price. el.before(cloned); No Asia beach guide has ever been complete without at least a litter of mentions about the effervescent Land of Smiles. Wow! You can visit the Emerald pool in this national park or just walk around and have a look at the colorful flowers and stunning bird species. As is often the case, Krabi’s greatest asset is its untamed natural surroundings. Know any good places to stay in Krabi and koh lanta? Many festivals and celebrations are unique to Phuket, such as the Vegetarian Festival. }; El Nido or The Phi Phi Islands? Bangkok. Located in the south of Thailand, Phuket is the largest island in Thailand and quickly becoming the most popular. Not sure if that would apply to Railey hotels? The Phuket-Krabi bus is cheaper ($4.3) and its journey time is also 2.5 hours. If we talk about nightlife in Krabi vs Phuket, Phuket scores above Krabi when it comes to a live wire nightlife. From gorgeous beaches to lively towns and markets, world-class shopping and a number of restaurants and entertainment options, Phuket has it all. }); $(this).css('display', 'block'); Phuket has its Phuket International Airport while Krabi has got its domestic Krabi Airport.

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Thankfully for us, travelling to Krabi and Phuket is short and cheap to the point of being inconsequential – this is assuming you’re flying in from Southeast Asia. Looking To Book An International Holiday? $('#metaslider_50011 .msHtmlOverlay .layer[data-link], #metaslider_50011 .msHtmlOverlay[data-link]').each(function() { It is a food lover’s paradise where international cuisines are served. Fishing in the Andaman Sea is also a lifetime experience to have. However, for a family trip like, as was our case, we chose to stay in Krabi or, more specifically, Ao Nang, right by the beach. $('#metaslider_50011 .msHtmlOverlay').each(function() { COVID-19 Travel AlertAttractions and experiences recommended in our guides may be affected. One of the advantages of Phuket for us is that it would be easier to get too from Chiang Mai. A. Phuket’s nightlife is pretty impressive, especially in the Patong area. Prospective World Traveler. All rights reserved. var slider = !window.jQuery ? In recent articles we have been describing our days in the wonderful city of New York.

You'll find several high-quality nightclubs, as well as countless beer bars, go-go bars and lounges within a very short distance of each other. Suddenly, everyone awoke to a little corner of Portugal, a beach unknown to many, even the locals, called Praia do Norte, right next to ... Our family trip to Thailand started in Bangkok, which we considered the perfect way to start your trip in Thailand, (you can see our itinerary in Bangkok here), but, like the vast majority of people visiting Thailand, we also wanted to visit and get to know some of the most famous beaches in the world, especially. Just not many girlie bars like in Phuket, since Krabi has a sizable Muslim population. }); Her poignant likes include mismatched socks, carnivals, hyenas, war history, and magic; and in her free time, harbours far-fetched dreams of one day writing and travelling for a living.'data-link'), layer.attr('data-target'));

Planning your holiday in Thailand but confused about what to do? ATV excursion, Off-road dirt biking, White Water Rafting, Rock climbing and zip-lining can all be found in Krabi. Of course, this choice will always be linked to what you want to accomplish and to your travel goals. Sri Panwa Phuket Luxury Pool Villa via Flickr, 10 Best Beach Resorts In Krabi Under $150. var el = $(this);

Surprisingly, mass tourism has not spoiled Thailand’s paradisiacal atmosphere the way one might assume it would. Phuket is quite a cosmopolitan destination in Thailand.

There are some really outstanding resorts and hotels in Phuket, offering breathtaking views, luxurious rooms, extensive facilities and service, among other perks. Even its mainland beaches are unlike Phuket’s frenetic seafront drag, offering instead a harmonious and more subdued beachside experience that comes with an air of quiet invincibility.

$('#metaslider_57716').metaslider_scale_layers({ reverse:false, Although we are referring to Krabi, we did not really stay in the city, although we highly recommend you to visit it, especially its markets. We’ll give you a clear understanding of what to expect on both Phuket and Krabi. For the ultimate beach lovers, we recommend you to make the way to Koh Lanta (South of Krabi) and discover its long and serene beaches.

}, If you are looking for a well-developed place with all the facilities then Phuket is the place to be. Limestone cliffs are added attractions in Krabi.Climate: Both the places have a tropical monsoon climate, Krabi gets more rainfall than Phuket.Best time to visit: Wondering what is the best time to visit Krabi and Phuket?

Alternatively, the nightlife options are more limited in Krabi. Comments, 5 of the best family travel blogs to follow in 2019, How to get from Krabi Airport to Ao Nang - Tips for a family travel, Four days in Tokyo: Itinerary for a family trip, 4 days in Ao Nang, Krabi - Itinerary for a family travel. }); How limited are the food options in Railay? Phuket’s development as an international destination has, to a certain extent, cost it its individual local charm. Don’t think that just because Phuket is generally more expensive that it doesn’t know how to ride the cheap accommodation bandwagon too. animationSpeed:600, CLICK TO SEE MORE ARTICLES BY Shafinah Neville.

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