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immigration departments, tourism boards, airlines, hotels, brands). I look... Saint Petersburg is a beautiful city; it has an eclectic mix of old and new. Special thanks to our friends from Cebu Pacific for making this trip possible. If you decide to stay in Ormoc, here are the top-rated hotels and resorts according to online users. Just be aware that - at low tide, you have to swap boats at sea getting between Maya and Malapascua. Haha. If you are not fond of camping, you may opt to go there just for the day. Kalanggaman Island is one of the top summer destinations in the country. This island is accessible from Malapascua by boat, which takes roughly 1 hour and 45 minutes. One side was light, the other dark. To get a fuller experience, leave for Kalanggaman as early in the morning as you can. The pumpboats are just anchored at the back of Eco-tours office. From Tacloban Airport, make your way to the bus terminal or to the van terminal. Hi Gino, not sure if pede magreserve pero yep just call Palompon eco-tourism to inquire. Char ! Palompon is there will be a multitude of operators wanting to take you to Kalanggaman Island. Kalanggaman didn’t suddenly rise out of the seabed to challenge the Panglaos and Calaguases among the Philippines’ beach elite. The cool and unblemished waters on Kalanggaman Island makes it very welcoming to go reeling and diving. If you’re not staying for the night, it’s advisable to perform your hygienic rituals before or after the island trip. PRIVACY POLICY For your safety, avoid swimming in the eastern and western tips of the island at all costs. Those blue water, white sand, the sky, the whole place is great. Ride a boat Medallion in Pier 3 (every day at 9 pm) or Cokaliong in Pier 1 (M, T, TH, Sat at 8 pm and Sunday 12 Noon.) To maintain the island’s delicate nature, only a certain number of people can visit the island every day. See more ideas about Kalanggaman island, Island, Leyte. Langgam is the Waray word for bird. The short answer is, to get to Kalanggaman, you need patience. SEO writer by profession, Joshua also dabbles in creative writing and freelance writing. Only morning flights to and from Ormoc are available, so plan ahead. Im planning to be there by midweek of January 2019, do i need pa ba na kumontak sa eco tourism just to reserve a slot sa boat? From the city, make your way to Cokaliong office and buy a ticket for Palompon. When you arrive at Kalanggaman, you gain a feeling that somehow you now belong to a very select club. By festivities we meant booze, tons of lechon, and of course, pineapples. We hired a van from Cebu to Maya Port in Bantayan Island then a ferry ride from Maya Port to Malapascua Island. From Cebu: You can go by boat straight to Kalanggaman Island. A couple of friendly fishermen waved at us as we navigated through. I was looking for other things to visit and do in Quezon aside from the much talked about beaches. From Mactan International Airport in Cebu City, Cebu Pacific provides daily morning flights to Ormoc City. Hello, I dont see any flights from Cebu City to Ormoc through Cebu Pacific? P40 (college students), P30 (high school students) and P20 (elementary students), P60 (college), P45 (high school) and P30 (elementary) fees for students, Cottage P700 for up to 30 people, P500 for up to 25 and P250 for up to 15. Anyway, foreigners like you are great and generous and can afford anytime, anywhere. Bring your snorkeling gears, there are great snorkeling areas around the island. Those with castaway fantasies (and melodramatic tendencies) would definitely appreciate the isolation. From the drop-off point, walk towards the Palompon Eco-Tourism office to pay the entrance fee and get a boat to go to Kalanggaman Island. From Manila, take a flight to Tacloban City, Leyte. The Poor Traveler is managed by WanderGeneration, Inc.Email us: Reaching Kalanggaman Island from Palompon town Once you reach Palompon town from Tacloban Airport, you will need to visit the Palompon Ecotours Office and hire a pump boat to schedule your trip to the Kalanggaman Island. Awesome beach :) Youll love it when you see it. If you’re staying for the night, make sure you’ve made your pick-up times clear to the boatman. First thing to do is call the Palompon Eco-Tourism office. Kalanggaman Island is one of the biggest islands of all the islands, it is basically lying close to the center of the Palompon. Ride the ferry from Cebu City to Palompon, Leyte. You can also fly to Tacloban and take a 4- to 5-hour van ride to the town of Palompon. Now before you ball up your swimsuits, you should know that Kalanggaman is no glamping destination. Kalanggaman Day tour ( approximately 1 hour -45minutes boat ride from Palompon Municipal to Island.) Ormoc City to Palompon, Leyte van fare is 110.00php The distance of the … Via Cebu by boat. Is there any food available in the island? Thank you! By the time the boat touched silt, everyone’s as giddy as a tuba drinking session. Its not yet touched by those high techologies yet you will never regret coming here. You can camp in Kalanggaman Island for P225. A certified Batang 90s, he wanders to unknown places in and outside the Philippines, seeking to learn from his adventures and from the people he encounters. I finally had the chance to visit Bic... My trip to Bicol was a revelation. I’ll be going there on January 24, 2019. Once in Palompon, visit the Eco-Tourism Office and get a boat, as explained above. Make a boat reservation for Kalanggaman Island. There is no resort in the island yet but developments are slowly building up. Please understand the eagerness; we were first-timers to Kalanggaman, Leyte’s virgin paradise and one of the Philippines’ top beach destinations. This island has some of the best views I've seen in Palawan. From Cebu: Ride a Ceres Bus at the North Bus Terminal and head to Hagnaya Port in San Remigio. 2.) For something a bit more detailed, here are the essential steps we took for the trip. Soap, shampoo, and detergents are strictly prohibited in the island. Kalanggaman Island is a well-known destination in Leyte. Travel time is around 2 hours and the fare is Php110. And still researching on getting there. Foreign tourists and non-locals pay more, while students get the best rates. A big shout out to David of the Ormoc Tourism Board, who had been very accommodating in explaining to us some of the more intricate details about the island. For local/Filipino, all you need is to pay P800 and for international guests, you need to pay P1000. This blog is designed and arranged by How to Get to Kalanggaman Island? Thank you! We were lucky to be invited to join a group to go to Kalanggaman Island. Is this true? source. Walk to the tourism office for 10 minutes. The trip takes approximately 5.5 hours. And we salute Palompon Tourism for their kind-hearted consideration. Cover photo by Rodrigo Lourezini (purchased from Shutterstock). There are no airports in Palompon, Leyte, but the nearest ones are Cebu and Tacloban. Make your way to Ormoc City or Tacloban City in Leyte. A boat for up to 15 passengers costs P3000, for up to 25 passengers P3500 and for up to 30 passengers P4000. God bless, Me, either. Kalanggaman Island is within Palompon, a municipality west of Ormoc City. The town of Palompon can also be reached from Cebu City via Super Shuttle Ferry and Cokaliong Shipping Lines. No wonder everyone was wobbly the morning we’re scheduled for Kalanggaman. Kalanggaman Island is open for campers. We’ll update this post soonest! From bacolod po. It is a possible day trip destination from Tacloban. Thanks! Kalanggaman Island is easily accessible from either Cebu or Manila. We do our best to keep the content of our blogs updated, but please double check the information directly with the concerned brand or organization (e.g. 9. Ormoc City to Kalanggaman Island From Ormoc City, ride a van to Palompon, Leyte. The morning travel was uneventful: there was a slight concern for rain, but fortunately the rainclouds never left the mainland. If you are in Cebu, there are 3 ways to get to Malapascua: by riding a van,taking the bus or to bring your own vehicle which is the best way to avoid stopping and delaying the trip. hi, have few questions, 1. planning of going to kalanggaman on june 1 & 2, is this schedule still open? It’s our policy to be good to our fellas since not all of us Filipinos can afford with this kind of luxury. Hi LJ, yeah, Cebu pacific discontinued the flight recently. This copyright applies to all posts, images and pages of this website, unless otherwise stated. The island is just a pristine paradise... well looked after. While waiting, follow us on these channels. There are cottages around the island that you can rent for P500 per day. HOW TO GO TO KALANGGAMAN ISLAND From Manila – Fly to Ormoc. Wee arrived at Ormoc during the height of the city’s Piña Festival, and we spent a couple of days in the city to partake in the festivities. I would’ve said it’s Leyte’s best-kept secret, but the island is currently enjoying a healthy dose of attention from bloggers, travel writers, and the mainstream media. One explanation someone told me (another destination in PH) was that the real price was the foreigner price but locals get a discount. Meanwhile, from Ormoc, you may catch a local bus or van to … We can't be held responsible for any untoward incident due to participation in this site. The trip is little bit long 2 hours from Malapascua to Kalangamman. Departure time is normally in the morning and when you arrive in the island you will find a shaded area to relax and unwind. Boat rate is P3,000 for maximum of 15 passengers, P3,500 for maximum of 25 passengers and P4,000 for maximum of 30 passengers. There are boats you can rent there if you want to go directly to Kalanggaman Island or go island hopping in Malapascua Island and Kalanggaman Island. Contact Numbers: (032) 232-3150, (032) 231-0639, (032) 234-4121, (032) 345-5581) We wanted a 2-in-1 island experience so we passed by Malapascua. I read one of the blogger that you need to rent and booked for P1,500 per head?? HOW TO GET TO KALANGGAMAN ISLAND Leading local airlines have direct flights from major Philippine cities, including Manila, Cebu, and Davao to the Province of Leyte. It is a Western toilet btw. It only costs P3 per person. There are ferries departing on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 8:00 PM. I told you earlier about patience. If you are interested to go out there you are perfectly welcome. Van leaves every hour from downtown, travel time is around three hours and fare is P160. It can be wavy on the way back to Malapascua. It is a bustling metropolis that has an eclectic mix... Zamboanga City, multicultural society in Zamboanga Peninsula, offers a lot to tourist. The boats depart from Cocobana Beach Resort located in Bounty Beach around 9 AM and return at 4 PM at the same place. The best time to go to Kalanggaman island is during summer and dry months, that is from January to June and November to December. The colorful tradition that transcends from one gene... Tokyo is one of my favorite cities, I've been to this bustling and vibrant metropolis a handful of times. In our case, we flew Cebu Pacific Air to Ormoc City via Cebu and stayed a bit in Ormoc, which we also recommend. Kalanggaman Island Tour will take you the whole day from the morning until the sunset. Once in Palompon, make your way to the tourism office near Freedom park. It’s untouched and breathtakingly beautiful; perfect for summer and weekend getaways.

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