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Hearing several men on the Campidoglio talking about Egidio making failed attempts to get finances, Ezio eventually found him under attack of Borgia guards and rescued him. Under her leadership, the Rosa in Fiore became the most popular brothel in the city, as well as an effective intelligence-gathering arm for the Assassins. Just as Selim left, Sofia told Ezio that what he had done was the right thing, and the two left for Masyaf. The young man revealed himself to be Piero de' Medici, son of the late Lorenzo. Ezio hurriedly asked where Cristina was, and Manfredo replied that the men had chased after her. Not long after departing from Crete, Ezio's ship ran into a storm, and was forced to dock at Chios for minor repairs. After scaring off a failing suitor, Ezio helped Sofia by infiltrating the ship and successfully retrieving her goods, and upon receiving the package from him, Sofia showed him the map it contained. Sofia also had a deep appreciation for most architectural structures, literature, and art, and she was also very affectionate and romantic, as seen with her plan for Ezio at the park near Hagia Sophia. Sofia understood, and proceeded to decipher the last code, though asked Ezio if he could wait another day, due to her having another errand to run. As they returned to the piazza below, an enraged Antonio remarked that only birds could get into the Doge's palace, reminding Ezio of Leonardo's flying machine, which he had seen on the way to Forlì. However, he soon realized that he was not safe as he was quickly arrested by Fabio Orsini on the orders of Pope Julius II. More than a decade later, Ezio was living in a Tuscan villa with his wife Sofia Sartor and his two children, Marcello and Flavia. Despite Federico's disapproval, Ezio made his way to the home of Cristina Vespucci and spent the night with her. Fighting his way through a nearby village, Ezio confronted and assassinated Leandros, claiming the journal for himself. Under the cover of Carnevale, Ezio made his way to the brothel and began planning the death of Marco Barbarigo, competing in the four games of the Carnevale to win the Golden Mask that would gain him entrance to Marco's private party. Acknowledging he was a conduit for a message, Ezio removed his bracers and sword to declare the end of his life as an Assassin. These lines formed spaces which were filled with opposite facing fleur-de-lis, and under the dress, Flavia wore a white long-sleeved button-up shirt with a small collar. ―Claudia to Ezio, upon being given a job by Mario.[src]. Wife of Unnamed Senior Captain; Unnamed Second Husband; Marco Pezzati and Antonio Medici Soon after Ezio killed Savonarola's followers, the rioters formed an angry mob and stormed the Palazzo Pitti, demanding an end to the bonfires. Ezio agreed, and after two odd encounters with the people he'd delivered the letters to, Ezio retrieved the note from the pigeon coop only to witness guards running across Florence. [5] Despite being 15 years older than Sofia, Claudia didn't take up a motherly role to her sister-in-law and they became very close, with Sofia occasionally taking her children to visit Claudia in Rome, "He's making me work! Killing the Byzantine soldier nearby and helping her recuperate, Ezio apologized for dragging Sofia into his business, though Sofia remarked that he was not responsible for the actions of his enemies. He made his way through another small group of guards, and engaged Cesare in combat atop the city walls. By 1524, a retired Ezio lived with his family in a villa in the Tuscan countryside. • Ezio not panicking when you start crying. Ezio proceeded to the port, where he destroyed the Great Chain with Yusuf's special bomb, and burned the numerous Templar ships that guarded the harbor using Greek Fire. Additionally, she received a letter from Desiderius Erasmus, a Dutch scholar and the leader of the Northern European Assassins. Upon their departure, rumors began to spread that King Francis was with Leonardo until he died, and had cradled his head. After parachuting down towards her, and after ensuring that she was fine, Ezio boarded a carriage with to pursue Ahmet, who had already hurried off towards Syria to find the library and unlock its contents. As such, Ezio offered to bring back Leonardo's apprentice, Salaì. [2], In 1524, Flavia befriended the Chinese Assassin Shao Jun, who came to their villa seeking Ezio's advice, concerning the decline of the Assassin Order in China. In 1507, Ezio finally located Cesare Borgia, who was leading the forces of his brother-in-law, John III of Navarre, in a siege of the city of Viana. Voice actor In response, La Volpe arranged for Rosa, a Venetian thief, to take on her role as Madame. As he was dragged away, Cesare screamed that chains would not hold him, and that no man could murder him. Finally, Ezio took matters into his own hands and attempted to "acquire" a small ship of his own, so he could continue on to Masyaf. He then encouraged Desmond to make his life's sufferings worth it, and told him to listen. After escorting Lorenzo to the safety of his palazzo, Ezio revealed his identity, prompting Lorenzo to remark that he knew Ezio's father. Although Micheletto had fled, one of his underlings had survived the Assassins' onslaught, and reluctantly surrendered his master's destination: the Castillo de la Mota. After a lengthy ride through the country, which left Ezio essentially parasailing to hang onto their carriage, he managed to grab Ahmet and the two struggled as they both went flying off a cliff. As Ezio started harvesting the crops, he called for Flavia to stay where he could see her. After freeing the first man on the list, Ezio took him back to Raphael, and informed the latter of the existence of the list. This left the way open for Agostino, a Barbarigo not involved with the Templars, and an ally of Antonio's, to legitimately become Doge. ―Claudia to Ezio, when he returned from the execution. Ezio fought to rescue Raphael, and proceeded to infiltrate Torquemada's fortress. Although he appeared to be stillborn at first, he began crying after some words of encouragement from his father. Retreating to the Sanctuary, Ezio and the fleeing civilians fled through a secret passageway that had been hidden behind the statue of Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad. Ezio ran off and found Manfredo in a fight with several gamblers he was indebted to. The apprentices fought and trained alongside Ezio, and undertook missions to aid their fellow Assassins in cities across Europe and beyond, including Calicut, India.

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