judith of friuli


He was an important political, military, and cultural figure in the Carolingian Empire during his lifetime. He kept a large library, commissioned works of Latin literature from Lupus Servatus and Sedulius Scottus, and maintained a correspondence with the theologians and churc… [4], Eberhard's activity was not limited to the royal fisc of Cysoing, as he involved himself freely with matters of other domains and the empire in general. 0825 Auxerre, Francedied about 0887children (from 1st marriage):*Adalgunde [1] Through this matrimonial alliance between the Luitpolding and Ottonian dynasties, the Bavarian duchy entered the growing Kingdom of Germany, and Judith's descent would back the recognition of her husband's rule. According to the Medieval Lands database, any husband of this Judith is unknown. The social question of the time, that of serfs, also preoccupied Saint Evrard. In their testimony, he expressly refrained from impeding their liberty. With the agreement of his spouse, Gisèle, Eberhard portioned his goods among his seven children. His zeal for the glory of God, to spread the Truth, to convert the infidels, was celebrated throughout the Church. Among the rich domains the Princess brought with her in her dowry, Count Evrard found the fisc of Cysoing. [4], Already, in the century before (in 752), the little hamlet established on the royal fisc of Cysoing has been made famous through the martyrdom of Saint Arnoul. He never forgot those who he didn't free, and tried to improve their lots. Cartul. Eberhard was from an illustrious Frankish family, though his parentage is debated. Although a layman, Eberhard was not only literate but possessed an extensive library, which is detailed in his will. *Judith of Friuli born about 0842 died after 0902 father: *Eberhard (Everard) Marquis of Friuli born about 0800 Fruili, Italy died 16 December 0862 mother: *Gisela Princess of France and the West born about 0818 Frankfurt, Hesse Judith's son Henry the Wrangler was born in 951; he was a minor when his father fell ill and died in 955, and she acted as regent for him. von Schwabenbiographical and/or anecdotal:notes or source:ancestry.com, Berenger I Marquis of Ivrea King of These Saracens[4] had been named as helpers, in 842, by the Duke of Benevento and they would soon become a threat to regimes throughout the peninsula. According to the medieval chronicler Widukind of Corvey, she was "a woman of exceptional wisdom". After this date, we know nothing more about Eberhard until his testament or will, whose authenticity is certain and in which we are given information on the life of Eberhard. Their special function was singing solemnly in the church. At hun het Judith er en antagelse. [2] She turned out as a capable ruler over the vast Bavarian territories when she married her daughter Hadwig to Duke Burchard III of Swabia and also arranged the marriage of Henry the Wrangler with Princess Gisela of Burgundy, thereby forging a stable alliance between the South German duchies and the Burgundian kingdom. Judith was born in 0845 in Friuli, Italy. During the tragic years (830-839) where the emperor had suffered at the hand of his son's revolt the most undignified treatment, Count Eberhard remained inviolably loyal. It was decided to divide the empire between the three brothers. [5] Named Duke of Friuli and Count or Marquis[6] de Trévise, in Italy, he defended his country against invasion by the Bulgars and managed to completely drive them from the peninsula—825-830. They menaced Rome and pillaged it many times. Cysoing therefore had a church, or less a chapel that was without doubt the same chapel as the royal fisc. Italy*Hunroch (Unroch) III Margrave of Friuliborn The stay seemed so agreeable to Saint Evrard and the Princess Gisèle that they made it one of their regular residences. His name is alternatively spelled Everard, Evrard, Erhard, or Eberard; in Latinized fashion, Everardus, Eberardus, or Eberhardus. They maintained public prayer. He wrote his own name "Evvrardus". The monastery was initially made in honor of Saint Saveur and Mary (mother of Jesus). Judith was the eldest daughter of the Bavarian duke Arnulf the Bad and, traditionally, Judith of Friuli (although modern scholars point to Judith, daughter of Count Eberhard of Sülichgau). After the bloody battle of Fontenay (25 June 841), he left the ambassadorial envoy of Lothaire near that of Lothaire's brothers for peace negotiations. Gisèle, a woman of piety and virtue,[4] was the daughter of Louis le Débonaire and his second wife, the empress Judith. His name is alternatively spelled Everard, Evrard, Erhard, or Eberard; in Latinized fashion, Everardus, Eberardus, or Eberhardus. Saint Evrard, in his position as Duke of Friuli, was made a captain/leader of the resistance. 881), first married, "Alas, some have written that Saint Evrard had for his father, "His grandfather was, it is said, the Count, This page was last edited on 17 September 2020, at 13:46. "His virtues and his merits were so radiant that God accorded his prayers more than one miracle during his life. Judith also fostered good relations to the Ottonian dynasty and Empress Adelaide. The religious lived there under canon law in a community with all the rigors of the cloister. [4], The eldest, Unroch, got all properties in Lombardy and Germany. *Judith of Friuliborn about 0842died after 0902father:*Eberhard It was not before August 843 that they presented their report to the three kings at Verdun.[4]. Emperor Louis the Debonaire went to die (840) and the war, a cruel war without mercy, exploded between the Emperor Lothaire and his two brothers, Louis the German and Charles the Bald. Eberhard and his consort meticulously recorded not only their lands and possessions within a prepared will, but the identities and relationships of family members and neighboring royals. (1st):*Conrad II Count of Auxerre Margrave of Bourgogneborn His private virtues were no less remarkable. [1] He was an important political, military, and cultural figure in the Carolingian Empire during his lifetime. He became even more glorious through his martyrdom. In return for his services, the emperor Louis the Pious gave Count Evrard the highest honor possible: the hand of his (acknowledged) daughter, the Princess Gisèle, in marriage.

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