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Both Origins and Odyssey are third-person adventures set in vast recreations of iconic ancient time periods. Quests level up as you play. I realize this is the most ‘first world problem’ of comments, anyone else exhausted from the thought of another 80 hr open world action game? And both are loaded with so much to do that they can run players 80 hours even before the roll-out of a season of downloadable content. I feel like Origins was the perfect size with the dlc but Ive gotten so sick of Odyssey that I had to take month long hiatuses just so I can try and finish it. Press J to jump to the feed. Closing my game wouldn’t save the options I’d selected, nor would the game remember my HDR settings, but Ubisoft says those are bugs that should be patched after release. At a glance, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey looks a lot like last year’s Assassin’s Creed Origins. Now we have to at least react to enemy attacks accordingly. You can’t assassinate targets in a single strike by default, and there’s no mini-map to guide players. Origins’ creation was led by Ubisoft Montreal and a creative leadership who had last worked on Black Flag. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. It's so so sophisticated compared to everything else. The Mercenary system is a game unto itself. Otherwise, in Odyssey I've sinked more than 110 hours with 97% of completion and aiming for the 100% AND starting a new game+ after that. Origins’ combat was biased toward players who were interested in swinging swords out in the open. I'm doing a New Game + of Origins right now after not touching it since I finished it last year and I'm falling in love with Bayek again. Despite swapping Egyptian pyramids for Greek temples, the surface-level similarities are numerous. Origins voice acting was amazing,as much as I like odyssey for the most part VA is atrocious. I loved Witcher 3, but not everything needs to be that long and sprawling. It adds an elaborate territorial control system that lets players flip dozens of regions in the game from Athenian to Spartan control or vice versa. While Origins began to lean Assassin’s Creed into the realm of role-playing games like The Witcher, with more emphasis on elaborate sidequests and gear collection, Odyssey goes all-in with the addition of dialogue options and even the ability to sleep with numerous side characters. I was just playing origins today again and the combat system is sooooo wonky. Still, Exploration mode is worth at least trying. Enter a level six zone at character-level six and then improve to seven, and any level six quests you grabbed in that region become level seven quests, complete with tougher enemies. It made even less mention of the First Civilization, a precursor race shown in earlier games as having somehow influenced human development. Odyssey slices things up differently, with a structure that feels a shade more like Destiny or other games meant to offer players reasons to turn the game on regularly. Perhaps to a fault, Odyssey regularly pops up alerts about things you’re doing in the game. Early on, players can start increasing the potency of stealth attacks that use Leonidas’ spear, which is this game’s version of the hidden blade. A lot of the subtler differences help Odyssey feel like an improvement over the already impressive Origins, and help the new game stand apart as more than just more of the same old thing. Upon receipt of a new quest, the game would show a yellow icon or circle on the map indicating where the player should go. When I returned for my reward, I found my quest-giver besieged by enemies. Otherwise, in Odyssey I've sinked more than 110 hours with 97% of completion and aiming for the 100% AND starting a new game+ after that. Guards could quickly detect Bayek and ruin any plans for a stealthy approach, and more often than not, what started as an infiltration would end as an all-out brawl. You’d go there, then be prompted to switch to control of your eagle Senu. There are more gear slots. It is a huge upgrade from origins. What do you guys think? Killing animals, for example, allows you to get an engraving that makes your weapons even more potent at killing animals, which then would make it easier to hunt and fight the game’s legendary beasts. Origins was great but I felt a bit burnt after 50 hours and didn't felt like playing more after the end of the main story on 60-70 hours. Once, a quest giver asked me to keep a mission quiet, but I screwed it up and alerted several guards. Instead, you’re collecting helmets, chest pieces, lower body armor, gauntlets and footwear, which is either great news for lovers of loot collection or bad news for people who don’t buy Assassin’s Creed games to spend a major chunk of their time doing inventory management. Powerful mercenaries populate the game’s world. Odyssey’s was handled primarily by Ubisoft Quebec, whose previous AC was 2015’s Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. The loading screens are different. Origins placed a high-level enemy called a Phylake in many of its regions, requiring you to flee for your life if their regular patrol routes drew them near, though you could eventually level up enough to fight them, kill them and activate a quest in the course of all of that. However, the game recommends players try the superior Exploration mode, which does not mark the map when players get a new quest. Ability specializations enable you to play as a sneaky assassin. It all added up to more than 180 quests, downloadable expansions included, a lot of which was fun to do. Odyssey is better in some places like overall combat, the cultist and mercenary systems, the skill tree, the customization, but overall it just has too much bloat. No more that weird parry stance you had to do in Origin or combo stuff. As with the regional control stuff, the mercenary system is surprisingly involved, arguably superfluous, distractingly engaging and yet another multi-level means for acquiring exotic loot. On rare occasion, you could also play as Bayek’s wife, Aya, often in naval missions that aped the feel of the grand ship combat in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. I turned the damage numbers off right away. Mercenaries vary in power, strengths and weaknesses. Instead, players must rely on textual clues about where to go. The adventure is set in ancient Greece at the time of the Peloponnesian War, four hundred years before Origins. A patch enabled players to make enemies scale up in difficulty as they did. It might have to do with the fact that i'm greek but i just enjoyed odyssey a bit more than origins. There are still enemies who can’t be taken out with one stab, but Odyssey is much more permissive of players trying to control their character as if they were classic AC heroes Altair or Ezio. Senu’s bird sense would highlight the loot or assassination target, or whatever else you were going for. Advantage Origins! I think it's good but the cutscenes and voice acting is noooowhere near as good as Origins. Oh, you’ve just killed another predator animal, or another enemy with a sword. Odyssey still lets you play barbarously, but its stealth system is more accommodating to those who wish to skulk—and remain skulking—in the shadows. Players can gather intel on them and hunt them down. In my experience with the game, Odyssey has recognized when I’ve bungled what was supposed to be a stealth mission. While Origins let players switch between a few pre-set options for your heads-up-display, Odyssey lets you tick 20 options on and off. In Origins, true to longstanding Assassin’s Creed tradition, you could make Bayak run through an endless digital horizon. Then again they pretty much mostly let you enter plot relevant buildings compared to Unity. Combat in Odyssey is fast, fluid, and tactical - a very good combat system for an adventure rpg. AC2 is a gem, and it knew well enough to not outstay its welcome. Oddysey has the best melee combat in any rpg. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Assassin's Creed Origins - Interactive Map by SwissGameGuides You’re not collecting outfits one at a time in Odyssey, as you were in Origins. Odyssey also restores naval exploration and combat to a full offering, complete with the options to recruit crew members and upgrade your ship. Inevitably, mercenaries will confront you, barking taunts as they do. After that simple extra step, you’d be back to following a waypoint on your HUD. Those engravings are basically weapon perks and they match the kind of actions that unlock them. All the story branching is a bit silly and there are so many side quests are the randomly generated ones necessary? A wanted system that tracks the player-character’s own excessive violence will also trigger mercenaries to start hunting them down. Getting up and down is therefore a shade quicker than in the previous game, though obviously not as brisk as just using a grappling hook in Ubisoft Quebec’s last AC game, Syndicate. What happened to the tightly designed 12-15 hr action games? I’ve just put 30+ hrs into Nier Automata, which would’ve been far better at half the length and a more streamlined world design, and another 30+ into Spiderman (its swinging and combat systems are so good that the sidequests are worthwhile though, but it’s still a lot of chasing icons on the map). Horizon is still sitting on my shelf from last year, and the Witcher 3 expansions will probably sit for a while longer. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the assassinscreed community. With origins that opening cutscene with rudjek and bayek still gives me chills, at no point in odyssey did i ever get that feeling, The only moment I had feels was when my Kassandra found her mother again. They also both do that thing where you have a pet eagle that works as a surveillance drone. Let’s get the basics out of the way first. More coherent main story, less vague, no insane time skips or moments that made me feel lost (with origins I still don't understand the opening or civil war sections, they seemed very rushed), A more competent antagonist faction (you get to see how the cult is so powerful, loads of members, the Oracle, the imposing guards, the pyramid device, the headquarters with giant gold snake, a very strong introduction compared to a few guys in t shirts who ask you something you don't know then assume you're dead because they punched you once), An actual RPG (origins felt like a cookie clicker, they wasn't much in the way of playstyles, which is what i enjoy RPG Mechanics for, I can set up actual builds), A more consistently pleasant world (origins' world map was more structured and detailed, but also just not that aesthetically pleasing imo), It has some interesting lore themes, like how the Greeks interpreted these concepts like isu DNA and artefacts as demigods, its a cool idea to merge history with mythology in the series just as the historians themselves did, Plus I was just raised more on Greek history than Egyptian, I remember reading in school about the ships with eyes painted on which would ram into their foes and now I can do that myself.

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