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Arisan! An epidemiologist tried to satisfy her obsession with food when she was assigned to investigate a bird flu case. Five best friends try to find out what true friendship is by climbing Mount Semeru, the highest peak in Java. The life of hedonism people in big city like Jakarta always fill with brand minded,Sex after lunch and dirty talk.When all the housewives,career women and young mommy are being together,everything is all about something "adult material contents".In ARisan!Nia Dinata discover all of it.The Honest,The truth and the reality.Things that never been thought before,nowadays just become "the usual behavior" of socialite high-class mothers and women.The great,exceptional and smart directing by NYU alumni Nia Dinata made this one as the best and most favourite comedy-drama ever.Even this movie got award for "the best movie of 2004" by FFI(Indonesian Film Festival).Cut Mini Theo showed her great talented as Memey,a confusing career smart woman.Tora Sudiro gave his stunning and incredible performance as Sakti,A gay city worker.And Aida Nurmala seems looks so unbelievable-excellent act ever played by newcomer as Andien,a desperate glamour housewife.However,Whenever and Whatever the days you'll be through it,spend your time for a while to watch this movie.Cause,It's the most important movie of all time.It's about city life,It's about socialite and it's about you...I give grade 10 of 10.Viva Arisan! Directed by Nia Di Nata. Through a reunion (what Arisan means), the friends revisits what is important to them.I can see that the filmmakers tried hard to make the film good. By continuing you agree to the use of cookies. Feminism in Arisan 2! Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. 57.

Meimei's choice arouses the suspicion of her four friends, and after a while, Sakti, Nino, Lita, and Andien, are forced to face the reality that Meimei is not merely going on a prolonged retreat, but that she is in fact struggling with something much more serious. 2 at this time. Copyright © Fandango. ", many things have changed in the lives of a social elite friendship in Jakarta. The most talked-about portion of the film is an on-screen kiss they share. Hello all--for what it's worth, I'm in a doctoral program on Indonesian politics and returned this semester after about a year's fieldwork, most of it in Jakarta.
Running time 2 hours 9 minutes. ARISAN (The Gathering) is a fine little story about the ins and outs of Jakarta's wealthy class - sort of an Indonesian Beverly Hills 90210/Melrose Place sitcom.

is telling us about three people whose befriend since their in high school. You're My Tragedy 6. They are good looking, success, rich and happy, or aren't they? film as a media portrays feminism in the society of Jakarta.

This film is about a group of high achieving friends in Jakarta who discovers something sinister is going on with one of them who goes off to seek a quiet life.I have not watched "Arisan" so initially it was hard to follow the huge number of main characters. I like it because the script is so smart, and funny also. It also break the Dogma that a good Indonesian movies, is the one with a traditional, classical artsy movie, with a longgggggggg dialog & scene. Bravo is highly presented for the production house that produces this film. Soe Hok Gie is an activist who lived in the sixties.

The arisan of this film involves upper-class members, and it deals with their personal struggles set against the cosmopolitan back-drop of early 2000s Jakarta. Rilis: 2005 Genre: Indie PopKondisi: BaruTrack List: 1.The Lullaby Show 2. First released December 10, 2003. When the Indonesian film Arisan! as an indonesian, i perfectly understand every single little joke in this movie. Now, in their thirty something age, they are supposedly mature enough to gain their own personal life. | At the beginning of the film Sakti is unsure about his sexuality, but gradually begins to embrace it once he meets Nino and their chemistry develops.

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