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Despite the penalty of 4 INT, since Rebels does not benefit much from INT, this "card" is a better choice over Dark Pinguicula Card for Rebels seeking ATK as it confers 2 additional ATK. At 120DEX, you'll receive 5% Ranged Attack bonus, as well as -0.5 seconds fixed casting time. This is an upgrade over Bullet. This card provides 10 ATK when compounded to a headgear. Incandescent Shot: Fire Element, an upgrade over Flare Bullet. For your last enchantment, Hawkeye will be the most ideal enchantment. This guide has not been updated in a while. This page has been accessed 267,939 times. - Not easy to reach 193 ASPD with a Rifle. Only obtainable through the Jitterbug Instance, this particular accessory adds 6% ATK and MATK, +1 to all stats and a chance of casting Maelstrom upon receiving magical damage, all the while having a slot, making this one of the best accessories in the game. Now that you have 14 skill points left, you may want to invest them into your choice of secondary firearm skill tree. Firearms are the Rebel's (or Gunslingers, if you will!) ), the only downside of this pistol is that it comes with no slot and loses in potential to a Crimson Revolver. 2% Ranged Attack bonus is better than 2% ATK increase from Robo Eyes because of how formulas are calculated, but you lose out on the DEX. LUK: This stat is for those who focuses on CRIT builds. After becoming a Rebel, your next goal is to reach Lv175. Con il trucco che ti svelerò qui sotto potrai non solo avere soldi illimitati ma anche salire velocemente di livello senza effettuare acquisti con solidi veri nel gioco. Also, this guide assumes that the player has a basic understanding of the other classes in Ragnarok Online and follows the most recent data from kRO which is implemented in NovaRO. Usa i tuoi crediti Helix saggiamente. Below is a table of stats points allocation for reference. The Rolling Thunder has a decent 260 ATK, -10 HIT, -10% ASPD and the ability to cast Lv5 Thunderstorm on the enemy while attacking. Puoi guadagnare tra una e tre stelle in ogni livello di gioco. Since the update of Crimson weapons in NovaRO, Crimson Revolvers are undoubtedly the best pistols you can get as a Rebel. When it comes to assigning characters to the rooms in your HQ, you can benefit greatly from choosing the right heroes for the job in question. The Rebel, or as the game calls them, Rebellion, is a class that specializes in long-range attacks using a variety of Firearms at their disposal. The Mini Mei is the first Rebel Gatling Gun. On F2, Big Bell is a neutral element monster, so usage of Holy ammunition is recommended for the usage of Platinum Alter. If you're looking to increase your ATK, this is one of the cards you'll want to look for! For LUK Temporal Boots, ideally, you will want to get +LUK as your first enchantment, then followed by Critical Lv4. Specifici frammenti di DNA possono essere acquistati nello store, sotto Daily Selection (selezione giornaliera). It's hard to get a +9 armor piece, but if you do, you might want to consider this card. This is the best Gatling Gun for Auto-Attack and CRIT builds. At this point, your goal is to be able to defeat all, if not most, monsters in 1 or 2 Rapid Showers. Potrai inoltre sbloccare più di 20 nuovi personaggi e riunire e rivivere i ricordi di diverse epoche storiche, grazie alla nuova versione dell’Animus, per giocare con alcuni dei tuoi Assassini preferiti. 他にはロックピックとステルスと無効化が使えるルイス、フリーランが優秀でさらにロックピックもできるルイサの2人を育てておけば間違いないでしょう。 Information here may not necessarily be the same as on other servers! Just a note that this particular build is entirely considered a "for-fun" build in the PvM setting as it's very unfeasible for a Slug Shot build to go around with parties to Instances and higher tier MvPs as it takes too long for Slug Shot to cast to be effective as compared to CRIT or auto-attack builds. However, since I'm not too much of a PvP person, I can't comment too much on this! Now that you have 5 skill points left over, you may want to invest them into either the Rifle, Shotgun or Grenade Launcher skill tree, depending on your secondary weapon preferences. Utility ammunition, like its name suggests, are a group of ammunition that does not require the player to equip in order to use. If you value damage more than HP, leftover stats points can be placed here so that you'll get a *little* bit more damage out of. Apple's Guide to PvM Rebellion. The Firearm Merchant sells all of Rebel's weapons, while the ammunition merchant sells all sorts of ammunition that a Rebel would use. The Ammunition Merchant, as of recently, has started selling cartridges too! Other than combat related, there are cards that will change your element, or prevent status effects. Projection Landmine: This utility ammunition is used with Howling Mine. Download Assassin's Creed Rebellion on PC. Remember, the numbers below are just a suggestion and you might want to make changes to them as to your liking. Purification Shot is highly recommend for the usage of Platinum Alter. Like Evil Druid and Wraith, Dark Priest is weak to Holy element, so the usage of Silver Bullets are highly recommended. Ogni giorno, la selezione giornaliera si aggiorna, permettendoti di acquistare una nuova serie di eroi. Se non ci riesci, cosa che probabilmente accadrà, dato che c’è una probabilità del 5% di successo, allora subirai una piccola quantità di danni, ma arriverai comunque nella stanza successiva. As this particular build will revolve around Pistols and Gatling Guns, we'll be picking up skills from the Pistols and Gatling Guns branch as primary choice of firearms for both Gunslinger and Rebel.

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