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While in the game Ren is seen as someone who shows off a lot, the anime portrays him as a cold and logical tactician who tends to avoid risky decisions. Abura-age… Ann finds proof of Madarame's plagiarism in his studio, which is accidentally revealed to Yusuke. Teruslah perkuat jiwamu dan fokus pada proses rehabilitasi ini. The principal of Shujin Academy also got worried so he asks Makoto to investigate the possibilities the Phantom Thieves are among the students of their school. Igor also refers to the protagonist as a "Prisoner of Fate," and that destruction awaits him in the future. Unlike previous Persona protagonists, the catalyst for his Persona awakening is specific (his desire to help people in need). Mereka sebentar lagi akan datang. The protagonist then receives an unknown chat from a mysterious hacker called Alibaba who requests him to steal a certain someone's heart and in exchange, they will take care of Medjed. He arrives to find Sojiro speaking with customers. – Pucuk Translation, Fire Force – Episode 01 – Masuknya Shinra Kusakabe, Fire Force S2 – Episode 01 – Pertarungan Prajurit Api. Sae informs the protagonist that, even though Shido confessed his crimes, it is difficult to prove his guilt since there is little solid evidence and the other world no longer exists. At the same time, the Phantom Website's poll rapidly declines from an already minimal support rate to a firm 0%. Abura-age: If you’re there in the morning, is it okay if I’m able to ask you some questions? After a short battle against Maruki on foot, assisted by Adam Kadmon, he then merges with his Persona himself, boosting its power to near-godlike levels. Unlike the "Kasumi" the protagonist knows, she also had brown hair and a beauty mark below her left eye. They then watch a video of Okumura holding a press conference, where he reveals all of his sins to the media, though before he can reveal who is truly behind the mental shutdowns, Okumura suddenly collapses, with black liquid pouring out of his orifices. The initial members were consisted of Ryuji Sakamoto and Ann Takamaki, who were victims of Kamoshida, as well as Morgana, a mysterious cat-like creature who wants to discover his origins and restore his true form. “Take your time,” he says. Gemboknya serahkan saja padaku, yang sulit itu cara agar Madarame melihatnya. Kumohon maafkanlah gurumu ini yang telah mengambil langkah yang salah. Their investigation leads them to Ichiko Ohya leaking his name as Junya Kaneshiro to the protagonist and the Phantom Thieves enter his Palace but cannot find his treasure since the bank that acts as its main body is too high up in the air. DC’s Joker: We didn’t mean to purposely leave you out of real life meet outs, but everything that we said in the Mona bus was honest. Lukisan “Sayuri” yang asli Additionally, he can also accept Yaldabaoth's offer. The protagonist is a second-year high school student who transfers to Shujin Academy in Tokyo, after a false assault charge issued by a high-profile politician, which caused him to end up with a one-year probation sentence. During the climax of the Niijima Palace heist, Ryuji Sakamoto states that despite being quiet, once he has made up his mind, he won't take no for an answer. Demi para murid lain yang However, he will still leave his offer on the table, stating that the protagonist can still choose not to show up the next day as an indication that he has decided to accept it. After leaving behind a calling card for Futaba, in order to have her treasure manifest, they reach the Pharaoh's Tomb, where the Treasure is supposed to lie, but are attacked by a cognition of what Futaba perceives as her mother; a Sphinx who hates and loathes her for killing her, and tries to murder her. Afterward, they take the Treasure and leave, unaware that a figure wearing a black mask shoots Shadow Okumura afterward. Igor tells him that the game is over, and imprisons him in the Velvet Room for the rest of his life. In later episodes, Ren has a subtle character development arc which leads to him being more confident and less shy and introverted. (The Persona 5 Royal Official Completion Guide states that Maruki doesn't actually know whether Akechi is dead or not, and acted in haste to bring Akechi and the protagonist the happiness he feels they deserve.) Age Yusuke was different though. Once this succeeds, they forcefully manipulated the Phantom Thieves website to spur them into taking on Okumura's palace. When Kazuya arrives at the park, he asks Morgana to eavesdrop on their conversation, learning that Kazuya is a part of the group of burglars. As he does not wear his glasses during his first encounter with Masayoshi Shido, the fireworks scene or Persona 5's ending, it is unlikely that they are necessary for vision correction, but that they are fake glasses which he has adopted as part of his public persona to make himself seem more unassuming during his probation.[1]. Uggggh. They succeed in doing so, and through their first face-to-face encounter with her, they learn that Wakaba was a researcher of "cognitive psience," a study on one's perception of reality. he says. Afterward, the bad rumors about the protagonist and Ann are no longer spread and the expulsions are dropped. After defeating a Cu Chulainn and a Cerberus he summoned and made berserk, the party puts up a valiant fight against Akechi himself and backs him into a corner. Kau ingin aku melakukan apa dengan kekuatan ini?! Persona 5 the Animation – Episode 07 – He is my other self. But I just don't want to be the guy that they hang out with because they didn't know I was a bad person.". After the Phantom Thieves locate Kaneshiro's treasure and sent a series of calling cards to Shibuya and angered him, a final confrontation between the Thieves and Shadow Kaneshiro commences, and they successfully defeat him and destroy his "Piggytron" robot. Once he reaches the Shujin gates in the dream, a mysterious voice on the speaker expresses disappointment at his departure, but tells him that they shall meet again. Sojiro is surprised that the "punk kid" he was asked to look after is the protagonist, based on his gentlemanly and timid appearance. Gawat! I’m very good with faces, even if they’re hidden. Jadi kita harus membuka Kenapa kau tidak pergi dari tempat Madarame? Yang kudengar daritadi After collecting all the Letters of Recommendation to finally enter Shido's treasure room, they are ambushed by Akechi who discovers that the protagonist is alive. After they look around, the protagonist finds a giant black box. If he refuses, Sumire awakens, mad with grief and denial, attacking the protagonist and Akechi so that they stop trying to force her to face the truth. They confront Futaba and asks to make a deal with her again, which she agrees. Alibaba requests him to steal the heart of a girl named Futaba Sakura, who is revealed to be related to Sojiro. Natsuhiko asks them to stop Madarame before he can steal the credit of Yusuke, his latest disciple. An opportunity arises when they explore Mementos by the request of Morgana and discover the Shadow of a former apprentice of Madarame, Natsuhiko Nakanohara, a municipal ward who was once a pupil of the great artist Ichiryusai Madarame who stalked his ex-girlfriend to relieve his stress of being scammed by him. Me: wjere should we meet? His was the most different than the other two messages that he was left with from the night before, so he decided to respond to that last. During the next day, the protagonist notices that a majority of Shibuya's population has been mesmerized by Alice. Megami Tensei Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Japanese VA The Proxy SIU director also issued a cover up operation, firing Sae and shrugging off Shido's Change of Heart as mere mental instability despite they supposedly admitted that he was receiving one a week ago. As he disappears, the protagonist and his friends then leave the Palace. In Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight, Ren Amamiya wears the Shujin Academy uniform, though he replaces the turtleneck with a black shirt with a zero on the front with "DANCE" written on it. Afterward, Futaba, in accordance with her hacking skills, is asked to join, who agrees, if only to find the one responsible for murdering her mother and stealing her research. Akira Kurusu: Noo, that was.. Asfjskncvncxmvxcv.. ", "No!" as well as Lukisan “Sayuri” milikmu itu sungguh murni dan indah. cuma uang, uang, dan uang! "We should find somewhere to go sit down," he says. He knows it was a given that Mona and Joker knew each other in the real world, and that everyone knew that Fox was Yusuke, but for Panther to know all of them too? Meanwhile, he was also getting a bunch of messages from Panther. Tentunya semua demi memanfaatkan bakatmu dan mengambil keuntungan dari hal itu. The two engage the protagonist in combat but become conflicted as their duties as a Velvet Room attendants towards its guests contradict their order to fight him. According to SamuraiGamers, the Regent is a brand-new Persona that you can find in Persona 5. In Royal's third semester, on his days off and during the night he wears a black turtleneck sweater, a long gray coat, dark blue jeans and brown boots. Yusuke asks. This horrifies the group, especially with Makoto's revelation that the ones behind the mental shutdowns might have been orchestrating their sudden popularity, only to have them become public enemy number one. Despite their pleas from them to help him, Akechi tells the protagonist to stop his father. They might have even laughed about his stupid shenanigans together during lunch, or laugh at him for having a dumb crush on Joker since apparently everybody in the Phantom Thieves knew already. "Ouh, that'sh correct," Yusuke says, halfway through slurping noodles. Aku hanya ingin tahu kebenarannya! There are even plans to take over the world with the Metaverse and the Phantom Thieves might face arrest almost immediately. Kau tidak tahu malu ya?! To Ryuji's surprise, the guy ate like a pig. They spend the rest of the day celebrating their reunion upstairs at the attic. First Appearance They successfully manage to defeat the cognition with Futaba's help, though, to their confusion, the Treasure is not inside the coffin. The protagonist of Persona 5 is a transfer student at Shujin Academy. When spying on the new track coach, Ryuji asked why he was doing this and Ren responds that seeing him mope around bothers him. Joker

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